Suess Recipe Book

This is a recipe book design I did while at CR Gibson for the 2015 Holiday Grinch line.

Oz Poster

This is a Caligram Poster that I made for a project based around film using only text.

Our Town Print

This is a print that I designed for the Our Town project that has since been placed into the production rotation.

Jason Aldean Book

This is a book that I collaborated on the production for the spine and coin for Jason Aldean while I was at Isle of Printing.

Bella Nash Menu

This is a menu that I printed while at Isle of Printing  for Bella Nashville located in the Farmer’s Market.

Poly-litho print

This is an example of me making something in yet another medium. Art is interesting now because it it seems to be at a point that we are processing our digital creations through analog filters. Here is another example of just that.

Rough Illustrations

This is a photo of a project I thought lost to the annuls of deadline history. It was completed but never returned to me after, but I still have a photo that saves the essence of the project.

Ad Project

This was something that I made at Watkins.

Our Town Print

This is a piece of work from my time at Isle of Printing that shows that a Vandercook Press is never a bad thing.


I was privileged enough to help bring this to life by being on the Production team for this project. Isle of Printing made this part of this wonderful gem and I lent my elbow grease.